Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pasta Machine Motor... we have a problem

Yesterday morning I put the resin and polymer clay crackle projects to one side and hauled out a selection of Premo to run some skinner blends to makes some more "futuristic primitive" beads. I was really excited to get some zappy colour blends running through the pasta machine. I flipped on the motor and was shocked by an loud shrieking sound and an emphatic crack. My new pasta machine was okay but my year old Makins motor was not. There was a huge crack on one side of the casing and subsequent flips of the switch generated an alarming sound that might come from your dryer if you put a couple of monkey wrenches in with your jeans.

In my experience I find that Atlas pasta machines are "somewhat" compatible with Makins motors- I never found the connection to be an easy fit and I suppose this is the end result. I also am incredible hard on my pm (& motor) with the odd things I run it through so I'm  certainly not going to check my warranty for a replacement!

I continued working on the blends in spite of the ear-splitting racket- my plan is to get full mileage until I smell smoke because hand cranking is not going to help my chronic rotator cuff issues.

I've ordered a new machine that will take up to 16 days to get here....


  1. Oh no Gera! A dying pasta machine motor is a very sad thing. I hope the one you ordered arrives much sooner then anticipated.

  2. Gera,
    So sorry to hear of your mishap. I can imagine it's pretty scary to hear the clinking and clanking. At least there's no smoke! What brand of pasta machine are you ordering?

  3. Thanks all- the new motor with be a 100% compatible Atlas...made in Italy.

  4. Well, you ARE very hard on pasta machines. What do you expect?


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