Thursday, November 25, 2010

Good Chaos!

I'm still working on organising my worktable. Simce I'm in a State of Confusion and can't find my camera under a pile of magazines and curled up velcro sticker sheets my photo for the day shows Dee Wilder's current experiments.  She's partially responsible for my chaos! Thanks Dee- it's a good kind of chaos!

Dee Wilder
The table is piled high with books, magazines, notes and travel itineraries. I'm about to have a big shift in my direction. My trip to a Polymer Clay Conference in Colorado was an epiphany for me and I began to adjust my focus from that point. Dee Wilder encouraged me to get involved in metal work to accent my polymer clay and resin designs and I have taken her advice to heart. Now that the Christmas Show is over and 2010 is drawing to a close it's research and development time! I'm very busy reading articles all about copper etching, mordants, pickling and pickle pots- (yum?), neutralising solutions and all sorts of alchemic sounding methods, mixtures and concoctions. I subscribed to Art Jewelry Magazine. I have a shopping list to take to Habson's Jewelry suppliers in Vancouver in a few weeks. I'm booked for a precious metal clay workshop next Saturday. I have a  wire hammering class in January and a few days later I'll travel to Bellingham Washington for a soldering workshop. I'm  looking forward to attending the Morrisberg Polymer Clay Gathering in the Spring!
I have a few hotels to book and I have to get on the phone to use some airmile points and I'd really like to find a cold connections workshop somewhere in the Pacific Northwest...(or for Canadians- the Pacific "southwest") Any leads would be much appreciated.

The desk will be organised eventually- exactly WHAT will be on it through the upcoming months remains to be seen... there will be polymer clay women next year. For some reason I've been toying with a polymer clay woman with a dark side- perhaps a voodoo woman with pins.

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  1. Hey, thanks Gera! I am proud to have facilitated your current upheaval--we all need them now and then. Your decision to add metal to your vocabulary will be fun for you and lead to ever more fabulous creations.


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