Saturday, November 27, 2010

Joy of Felting!

Today I'm featuring another local artisan - Joy Garnett. Every time I visit Joy's booth I have a sharp intake of breath  and I emit a joyful "ooooooh!" She is a colourista and her booth is always a glorious tumble of beautiful colours that swirl in a glorious warm dance of felt.

Joy  makes stunning and beautifully tailored jackets  that are  adorned with Kandinsky-like circles and ovals of colour . I watched customers crowding to try on her hats, scarves, and shoulder wraps and through the show I was happy to see many satisfied customers strolling about wearing their new purchases!

Joy's felted flowers are always a delight and they have been gradually evolving over the years so every time I attend the show I look forward to see the latest installment!

Joy is currently at the  Out of Hand Show in Victoria Nov 26-28. Her work is also available at Sidestreet Studio.
She will be setting up a blog in the near future.

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