Monday, November 22, 2010

Snowfall, Great Bargains at an Artists' Clearance Sale and My Etsy

The view from my studio window
I'm in an upbeat mood because it's snowing outside.
 This is a rare event on the wet coast of Canada!

I've decided to stay at home and watch the flakes drifting by my studio window. So far today I've organised work that's going to the Island Artisan Associations Studio Clearance Sale It will be held on Friday, November 26.  at the Selkirk Montessori School, 2970 Jutland Road, Victoria. If you go make sure your vehicle tires are not slightly on the rise between the road and the sidewalk - it's a very subtle " curb" and there's an eagle eyed traffic officer who loves slapping tickets on cars that are on the rise. Ask me how I know. I  digress- if you avoid a parking ticket it's a fun sale and the artists are as eager to snap up deals as the general public!
I have been busy stocking the shelves in my Etsy Shop. I have art jewelry and I'm also offering findings that will appeal to anyone using resin.

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