Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Last day before the show set up...

This year the show has a great new format- we are able to set up the booths day before the show and load in our work the next day. I have everything ready to be loaded into the car and because it's a statutory holiday my family will be on hand to help!
 Today I'll head to the bank and get my float then treat myself to a manicure to hide the effects of spending my days working with polymer clay, inks and wire. The rest of the day will be spent printing a few signs and making a few more of my new bangles.
Yesterday I was busy with clay and inks and made these two-part focal beads. Cordinating fibre and silks
 to make bangles will be fun!


  1. These are crazy cool man. Can ya dig it? I'm really getting excited over surface designs. You are so talented. I just LOVE these pieces!!!

  2. I adore these pieces. Love the colors, the textures, just everything! I'm an avid follower of your blog... love to see what brilliance you've come up with next.

  3. Thanks so much- some days comments like these just make all the difference. <>



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