Monday, November 15, 2010

The Show is OVER!... reflections

the final version of amused studio booth 2010
The show is over and most of the boxes have been unpacked and items put where they belong. It was a success for me. Very good sales and fine feedback. It was actually the best ever three day show I ever had!  I learned what people are looking for and was able to begin to "feel" the direction I'll be heading next year. I was a  sad and conversely delighted to have sold Meriel, Moontide and the  lantern at the show. I'll be certainly making several large pieces in 2011.
Some things I did right-
I packed TWO calculators-  one broke down during the show.
I stopped using metal grids-booth set up and shut down was much easier.
I had duct tape- who doesn't? It came in handy for several little incidents.
What I did wrong... contracted a flu bug so I was on cold meds through the show and may have seemed a bit more dazed than usual.

I met some amazing artisans and will post about them in the next few days. Several offer metal smithing and pmc workshops and I'll be signing up! I'd like to be able to start to make my own  findings next year.

I'll be participating in The IAA Studio Clearance Sale this year as well as setting up my Etsy Shop. It's currently dark and dusty in there. I'm going to tidy up, perhaps make some complementary mulled cider and get the doors open again with some of my resin and polymer earrings , bracelets and rings as well as  my silk, resin and polymer clay pendants.

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  1. Congratulations Gera, that is excellent news! Your booth and your work is so elegant and artistic, it is no wonder you did well!


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