Thursday, November 18, 2010

Not a pretty picture today

One thing I appreciate about having a blog is that you can give yourself a challenge, post it on the blog in front of witnesses and then feel compelled to carry through. Sometimes you even get encouragement!
I have given myself a challenge and it's to dig out from under what is supposed to be my "precision work" desk. In theory this space has findings, glass beads, yarns, computer and camera accessories and other things that do not mix well with polymer clay, resin, inks or glue.
The desk currently has disorganized findings, an unopened package of new ink cartridges, items from the show that need to be re-located, several catalogues which I need for upcoming online Christmas shopping ( the BBC one is great!)
The findings issue bothers me the most. I have a terrible time organizing them so they are easy to see and contained but easy to grab in a hurry. . I also am officially stating that I really dislike these plastic boxes with square compartments for storing stuff- there must be something better! 
Any suggestions or links would be enormously appreciated!

Today's plan-
Tidy this workspace
Google "storing jewelry findings"
Begin to organize findings


  1. I use an old glass flower frog for my headpins. I have an old lead crystal coaster that fits the bottom of the frog perfectly & stand up all the headpins by metal, end,length etc. I actually have 2 of these now & I really like them for this purpose! Sorry I can't help w/ any other findings, I still use the palstic boxes for all the rest.

  2. I like that idea! It's fun to have arty lookingh things with a function!
    i'll see if I can find some ideas along this line at the local junque store...


  3. I am trying, small zip lock snack size bags lined up in a plastic box, 7 quart I think, and labeled on the box.
    It's a new approach so we will see.

  4. That sounds good InaRae... I was thinking of zip locks too but considering tacking them onto my bulleting board so they'd be easy to see....

  5. I can't say that I am all that organized myself, but as an alternative to those boxes you dislike, I use glass spice jars/bottles to store findings and small beads. They are not as compact as the plastic boxes, but you can see the contents and they can make a decorative element in the studio.

    I hunt thrift stores and swoop down on old spice racks when I find them. Often the jars still have spices in them so they need to be cleaned out, but once they are I can easily see the contents of each on sitting in their rack or on a shelf.

    I also use a metal spinning sort of spice rack to hold my pliers. The jars have found homes on other shelves.

  6. being able to see the items and having easy access is something I'm looking for and adding to my "decor" will be nice too! Great ideas- thanks Mechelle!

  7. For findings and small items, I use a multi-drawer set that can be mounted on the wall or sit on a desk. Guys use it to store nails and bolts and screws, etc. Probably available at hardware stores or Canadian Tire. Hope this helps. Love your fish bracelets.


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