Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Steps

First steps with metal working- I returned home last night after a trip to take the Introduction to Soldering workshop at  Pouncing Rain in Bellingham Washington. It's a terrific metal arts center and I heartily recommend a trip there is you are in the Vancouver/Seattle area. Instructor Judi Gauthier has the knack of sticking to the program while dropping foundational information that builds a beginner's understanding of a very extensive art form. I was fascinated and loved every second of the class- my inner pyromaniac was given voice! The techniques I learned will serve me well for the ideas I have in my head...
 In the polymer clay realm, I pulled my sketch book out when the ferry was going through Active Pass and my pen flew. She arrived with one sketch- she is a determined little person! The lady on the garden path is a "hippie chick'... perhaps she's gathering produce to sell at the Galiano Farmer's market.  I have to finish the ferns along the path and then I can begin to begin first steps on this new character.

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