Saturday, January 29, 2011

Polymer clay wall art- the most interesting part .....

The lady's face has been made and she's a very sweet character. I think this is the part I love the most about working on a piece like this. The "adornment". It's time to decide on hair colour , hair style and jewelery. The lady will be carrying a basket... but what is in it?

Can anyone make a prediction on hair colour and what will be in the basket she's carrying?


  1. ok...i see glossy auburn hair...and...a basket of mossy twigs and berries, maybe a few pine cones...and of course a bird...a bluebird of happiness? Of course she'll be fabulous however the surprise turns out ;)

  2. Funny but my first thought was that she would have auburn hair also. But I thought she would have wildflowers and possibly mushrooms (how weird is that?) She looks great and she seems to be coming together quite quickly from my perspective.

  3. she's going to be very cool, she has you classic colors..cant wait to see her finished.

  4. I predict raven hair and a basket filled with seashells she is secretly placing throughout the woods. What a rascal she is.

  5. I too pictured auburn--coppery auburn colored hair with untamed curls springing around her face. The basket could be filled with daisies--she IS a flower-child, isn't she?

    I love it. She's beautiful. I'm inspired!


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