Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cats, Birds, Eyecandy and Eggplants

I had an interesting start to the day. As I descended the staircase to the studio I had a sparrow swoop right under my nose! I assume my cat caught it and was saving it "for later" or he wanted to impress me with a live gift rather than the dismembered rats and mice he enjoys tucking into corners of my workspace. After much arm flapping my daughter and I managed to guide the poor terrified creature back outside.

My next project was to decide on what to post on my blog- it's easy today! I received this photo from Barb who attended my Secretive Woman Workshop... cue the Flamenco music!!

Barb has a wonderful touch with polymer clay as you can see with those glorious ruffles.

More eyecandy arrived from my friend Georgia Ferrell who will be teaching a Tumblescope Workshop at the Sojourn Retreat in Nanaimo in February. Here's the inside view of a Tumblescope. It reminded me of stained glass in Canterbury Catherdral.

Eggplants? Well ,think a big sale at a fabric store and a certain craft booth. I was not happy with the draping of the fabric I bought last weekend. Thankfully the colours were just 1 meter sample squares that work as photo backdrop sheets so I'm not out of pocket. I went to the fabric store with colour and drape in mind and scored a gorgeous satin in purple and a vibrant green satin as a contrast. The red I have on hand as an accent is wonderul and I'm so happy with it! As usual the purple doesn't translate well on the computer monitor so think eggplant!

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  1. love your cat! reminds me very much of my last one -- her name was supercat...

    and the colors esp eggplant are great

    waiting to see the finished booth!


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