Friday, October 12, 2007

Renovating a Craft Show Booth

With the somewhat sheepish feeling one must have when they show a "before" image in a Decor or Fashion magazine I'm sharing this photo of the booth I had at the show I did last year. I had taken a break of several years from shows and last year I did one show. This year I'll do two and I'm thinking of doing a few more next year. Last year I invested in lighting, grids and the bamboo ladders that I converted into shelves. It's funny, we had a lot of compliments for this booth but to be honest, I can't see why- it looks pretty chaotic. We used a lot of organic materials for display. The vases had grasses in them, the hanging moxies were hung from a branch attached to the top of the grids. Looking at the photo I see how that added to the "wild" look. It generated curiosity but was it for the right reason?

I want the booth to have a funky look with interesting fixtures and colours- (purple red and wickery yellow?) but I also want things to have a sense of order. The first investment this year will be proper table coverings. That blue bed sheet has got to go!!
Tomorrow I'll set up the booth in a spare room and begin to revise the set up...
Here's an item that will be in the booth- a vase I did yesterday. Sixties Flower Power anyone?


  1. I like that shape, like a skirt dancing away or twirling.

  2. LOL, Gera...I DO love your booth!! Especially the bamboo and the walls, they ARE funky. I do agree with you about the blue bedsheet, it really grabs the attention when its supposed to be on the items. Perhaps a darker olive green with little copper or gold touches here and there?? Bamboo adds a natural atmosphere, so earthen colours for the 'background' would liven up all your creations and harmonize with them, putting the focus on them.


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