Monday, October 15, 2007

What People Say in Craft Show Booths

As I'm tinkering in the booth I am remembering bizzare things that people say when they attend craft shows. Of course there's the "I could do that" comment which doesn't strike me as funny so much as rude but other comments can really have me shaking my head. Last year one lady went through the booth examining every item meticulously. After she had seen everything she pointed to a beaded frame that I had purchased at the dollar store to displaya a price list. You guessed it- she wanted to buy the cheap import. (I referred her to the nearest shoping mall.)

Another would-be customer had a similar shopping technique. She did a careful analysis of everything I had to offer. She picked a coptic bound book which was priced at $49. She brought it over to me and said, "I'd like something just like this only cheaper." I chose not to get into a breakdown of the cost of beads and the time involved in crafting the item and showed her some $8 bookmarks. I suppose her comment made sense coming from a thrifty shopper but sometimes I have a feeling that some shoppers see a craft show as a garage sale where bartering is perfectly acceptable.

Thankfully the vast majority of craft show shoppers are thoughtful, polite, enthusiastic and make you feel absolutely wonderful with their reactions to what you've been doing all by yourself for so many hours, days, weeks or months! I love the rush and the characters that make you raise your eyebrows give you funny stories to share.

Today I'll be purchasing a table for the booth, making the daily teapot, completing a vase I started yesterday and begin a nice big batch of Moxies.
The photo today was taken by Genevieve Primeau Jenkins.

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  1. I laughed about your story about the woman asking if you had one like it for cheaper! How obnoxiously rude, but not uncommon. While Art and craft shows are definitely not garage sales or flea markets, some people just cannot fathom that these pieces were NOT made or imported from China or elsewhere...for cheap. People ask me all the time: *You* MADE that?!? lol


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