Saturday, October 13, 2007

Flower Power and Saturday Shopping.

Yesterday I made some of these little Flower Power Pendants. They'll be a fun little stocking stuffer type item at the shows. I made another vase too, this one with the echinacea theme from a few weeks ago. The shapes of the vases are lovely- they were a great find!

Today I'll have the family don their Sherpa hats and help me haul all the craft booth grids and tables upstairs and then I'll begin the "renovation". Step one will be a trip to the fabric store with the wickery-coloured grid covering in hand and I'll choose my colours. I'll also head to Winners ( TJ Max in the US) for a search for interesting display fixtures. By the way, the wickery grid covering is a curtain panel from IKEA-(2006) It's not actually wicker but a woven raffia type material, easy to cut, duct-tape friendly, very lightweight and the same width as my 2 foot wide display grids.

Time to make today's teapot... so far I'm on schedule- one a day!

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