Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fine Tuning the Craft Booth- Polymer Clay Brooches

The booth is ready for fine tuning. Each item for sale needs to be presented in a unique and appealing way. Here's the display for my little brooches. I found the funky wire mannequin type sculpture at Winners (TJ Max in the US) I wrapped a silk shawl around it- the colour effect with the purple is mouthwatering if you're a colour addict like me- sadly the photo can't catch the buzz. I used one simple fish brooch to hold the shawl- I tried scattering a few on it but it looked chaotic. A few brooches on little plexiglass stands and the rest on display racks. It's as clean and as simple as possible.

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  1. the color is wonderful, but i know what you mean about the camera and the color....

    a perfect display for your fish!



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