Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Inspirations At The Wrong Time

In spite of other things I'm supposed to be doing I got sidetracked this morning looking at a few photos I took this summer in England. This piece was at the British Museum. I love the simplicity of form... when I first started making my sculptures they were much more stylised and interpretive. As time has gone by they became somewhat more realistic, probably because of the way I felt connected with some of the facial expressions on the Muses. I'm trying to head back to where I came from and this piece serves as a perfect talisman.

So- birds with a bit more realism, Muses with less and the bottom line is that there's not a lot of time for experimentation at this time of the year!!

As far as building up a supply of work for sale, things are proceeding really well! I purchased 24 teapots for covering and did one yesterday along with a vase... photos will be posted asap- my camera took a tumble on one of those rocks at Vesuvius Beach and needs a bit of a tune up.

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  1. That speaks to me Gera, Épurée compared to detaisl . I want épurée and don't seem to get there either!


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