Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Car That Ate A Polymer Clay Craft Show Booth

I LOVE my car! It's a pleasure to drive, looks good when it's washed and it can carry an entire craft show booth AND a handcart. I hate my clunky unwieldy handcart as much as I love my car.

The show is tomorrow but I always load up the day before. There's nothing worse than discovering the show equipment won't fit as you are on your way to the show! It's also good to occasionally check that all the car doors close as the car is loaded.

It's been a wonderful day so far! I was so delighted to see this blog posted on Cynthia Tinapple's wonderful Polymer Clay Daily. Thanks Cynthia- what a good feeling to get a boost like that on the day before a show! Thanks also to all the visitors that have left kind notes in this blog, in flicker and with emails.

So the car is packed - I'm ready to go. (is there a song like that?) A few little errands to do and I may even be able to play with clay today!
Here's the "booth" packed up in the porch. Luckily the green trunk in the corner isn't included in the load.
It all fits and yes, the rear door closed!


  1. Good luck with your show!!!!!!!

  2. Best of luck G...sell out! See you at the show on Sat.


  3. Mom that look like a lot of stuff

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