Saturday, November 10, 2007

Set Up and the Hand Cart from Hell

I really hate that handcart. I got to the show for set up and the evil handcart began its sabotage. It became jammed in the back of the car and when it became dislodged it crashed into the bamboo ladder and crunched several shelves off. The handcart continued to rebel by stoically heading in the opposite direction that I was pushing. It also had a manic tendency to swerve towards pottery and glass booths. I won't go into the weird choreography I developed to manoeuvre the thing but I know I managed to provide great entertainment to several hockey teams standing outside the arena.

The handcart is FIRED. I'll be purchasing a new one before this show ends.

Things continued to be challenging- I left the grid stands in the basement at home so I needed to strap the grids to the tables which has given my table coverings a rather disheveled appearance. Without the stability stands I couldn't use both ladders which wasn't too bad since the handcart had ruined one.

The show began. I had a lot of great response- not only to the polymer clay- but to the booth! During the quiet times I made a to-do list- first item was to get the stability stands in the car and the second was to repair the ladders.

This photo is the day one shot. I predict each day will show modified configurations- when is a booth ever finished?

If you are in the Victoria Area I hope you'll drop by and say hello! Here is the Info Site for the Creative Craft Fair....


  1. See you at the show in a couple of hours.


  2. Your booth looks beautiful and I want to be there shopping!!!!! Best of luck at your show.


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