Monday, November 19, 2007

Post Show Reflections

aMused Creations Booth at The Gifts for Myself and Others Show- Victoria BC 2007.

Without a doubt- The Gifts for Myself and Others Show is my favourite Craft Show! There's such a wonderful sense of professional camaraderie between the vendors and the visitors are a very arty crowd with terrific insights and great conversation, it's a delight!
There's an odd thing that happens to me at the end of craft shows.... for the final half hour of the event I'm very focused as I putter about the booth arranging like-items together so that when packing time arrives I'll be able to put everything away neatly and once home I can put tightly organised boxes of work and booth supplies in the correct locations in the studio. I suppose some people are able to do that but in spite of all my best intentions I'm not one of them. It all begins very well but then things slowly begin to fall apart... family members arrive to help and items are hurriedly stuffed in bags with unrelated objects. Order is lost... once home I have a pile of boxes requiring several hours of sorting.... and where is the envelope of the proceeds from the show?! (phew!- in my purse! )
Apart from the usual post show organisation disaster area I'm delighted with my show season- next year I'll do more shows!
Of course the booth still needs more work- better lighting is at the top of the list but had really good feedback and excellent sales. Here are some pictures of the booth on the last day. The booth still has that sort of chaotic "organic" look- maybe that's just "me"...I'd love to have a sleek looking booth but then again my work isn't "sleek" in appearence so perhaps the booth reflects my overall style and I should just go with the flow.
Speaking of organic and somewhat disshelveled-I'm taking a week to reconfigure my house.... What a mess! I also have to pack boxes of work for shipment to galleries and a show in Sooke.
As for Polymer Clay... conversations with some people at the show have given me an idea I'd like to explore, I have a couple of commissions to work on- a fish themed purse to start with and I have to bundle up some ornaments for the annual Clayamies Christmas Swap.
Finally--- I surrender!- I'm investing in a serious session with a professional organiser who drops by every few months to re-organise my workspace.... it's a wonderful investment that gives me so much extra time for claying!
The intimidating post show pile..... help!


  1. I am totally the same way. I always plan to have everything seperated into it's own bag when packing up at craft shows but once my teens and husband get there to help; it's lucky if it even makes it into a bag!
    Love the booth by the way. The colors are great. I don't think I'd change anything.

  2. Your disarray looks mild compared to the disorganization around here. Send your professional organizer here will ya?
    Congratulations on a great Show!The booth looked wonderful.


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