Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Teapot Corner

Here's a picture of some of the teapots in the Booth's Teapot Corner. Last year I wasn't able to sell them in a show because the jury didn't see covering a pre-made item with polymer clay as being particularily creative. This year a photo of my teapots was used in the newspaper to advertise a craft show! We polymer clayers get used to things like that don't we?

Yesterday I went through all of the work that will go to the shows. Do I have enough to last for seven days? There's a week left- what should I make?


  1. I'm enjoying the evolution of your booth! Looks wonderful

  2. Love the look of your booth AND your items. Those teapots ARE creative.

  3. maybe the jury was dozing at the time.....

    do something unabashedly creative and new -- colorful and sublime...


  4. The colors and designs will draw every one in! They're just gorgeous. At the last show I attended there was some beautiful work but not much in the $30-50 range which I could afford at the time. I would have loved to have been able to purchase something as an example of several artists work but most was $100+. I love buying the bigger and pricier pieces but it just depends on my available cash at the time of the show.

  5. You will do great in your show! I hope you have enough items as I think you'll sell out!

    I can't imagine doing a show for a week! Wear comfortable shows, lol.

    The stuff looks gorgeous!


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