Friday, November 30, 2007

Postponing Production, Presenting Workshops and a Vanity Fair Time Out

In my last blog I mentioned that I really want to move away from all that production work. I find myself bogged down with just too many items in the product "line". I think production was blocking the time I needed to reflect and to come up with new ideas. It certainly restricted the time I needed for making more serious pieces as well as spending time with family and friends, running and working in my garden. I have wanted to take this step for the last few years but as soon as an order for work came in I worked to fill it. This year the focus will be on OOAK pieces.
I also plan to offer more workshops this year. My Secretive Woman Workshop was difficult to arrange as it required a venue with a full sized oven and took two days, so I'm "re-designing" the format so that the workshop can take one or two days and each participant will be able to participate using a toaster oven. I also am planning a box-making workshop. I'll be posting more details after the holiday season-if anyone is interested in participating in a workshop, let me know!
It's exciting to make a big change like this! I celebrated by sitting back and enjoying the December Vanity Fair...(the Christopher Hitchen's article had me in stitches!) The photo of this lamp by Marie Christope made me pick up my roll of rebar wire and cutters... I LOVE pairing polymer Clay and wire and what fun to make something bigger and more complicated than my production line Beachstone Stemware Charms !


  1. can't wait to see what you are going to come up with

  2. hey mom That was good dinner and that sounds like a good plane

  3. I am always interested in taking ANY class you offer.


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