Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The show is over!

I've have had time to catch my breath and take a day to work on two Muses. Here's a scan of the colour palette for one of the pieces I'm doing.

I did quite well at the show- sold a good volume of work, picked up a couple of commissions and made connections for possible future projects! The stormy day was very bad for business- I have to say that was the single worst day I have ever had at a craft show.

I had a major concern that the show had been advertised to vendors and customers as being juried- once there it was plain that the "jurying" process was seriously compromised. There were vendors selling mass produced items. There was even a Regal Catalogue Rep. Some artisans felt as if they'd need to lower prices to compete. It just didn't feel as if Canadian based artisans were competing on a level playing field.

I don't plan to attend that show again... one year they may just discover that they won't have any local artisans attending.


  1. I sooo agree with you. When as an artist you not only pay a high price for a booth at a venue that advertised itself as a "Creative CRAFT Fair", but you also painstakingly worked endless hours to prepare booth and product...and then seeing COMMERCIAL mass-products there, that must feel like a slap in the face. Perhaps a 'money-grab' by the organizer, but certainly misrepresented.
    Perhaps the organizer should get a worthy letter...?

  2. Hi Gera,
    I recently discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts, especially the ones about the show you just participated in.
    I'm participating in a show this weekend, selling my jewelry. I've been in this show since the beginning (12 years) and, as it's the only one I take part in, it's like a comfortable get together with an old friend. It was juried at the start but the last few years I've noticed that there are vendors selling mass produced items, too. Alas, I will have to see what's happening this year and re-assess my future participation in this show. The show is in Massachusetts and this appears to be a challenge facing artists everywhere.
    Your work is gorgeous and I love your the rich colorway for your new work!


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